These trainings are provided, in part, by a grant to the ICAAP from the Illinois Department of Public  Health (IDPH) via the Adolescent Health Program, CFSA 482-00-1598, CFDA 93.994, Office of Women’s Health and Family Services (OWHFS), Maternal Child Health (MCH Title V Block Grant).

This webinar course will help providers understand what they need to know about Adolescent Health Care to assist them discuss the implications of transitions on the health of patients.  

This webinar course will educate physicians on the dynamics of adolescent brains and how their development affects their health and decisions.

This webinar course will assist providers with becoming comfortable speaking to their patients about sexuality, or sexual health, including behaviors and decisions.

This webinar course will help providers to best implement the 4th Edition of Bright Futures  guidelines into their practice to improve their patients’ health outcomes.

This webinar course will provide physicians with practical knowledge of how they can incorporate social media into their current practice and connect patients and families with effective tools and resources.