• ICAAP Policy for Physician Participation in CME Activities and CME Activity Documentation

    ICAAP Policy for Physician Participation in CME Activities and CME Activity Documentation

    The mission of the Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP) is to promote the right of all children to receive quality medical care from pediatricians and to assess and serve the needs of its membership.  As such, ICAAP seeks to develop, maintain and/or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical specialists, pediatric surgical specialists, and other pediatric health professionals by providing them with the highest quality, most relevant and accessible educational experience possible.


    Purpose and Goals

    The ultimate goal of ICAAP’s CME program is to support life-long learning of participants so they may better identify their personal educational needs and design appropriate self-directed learning activities to meet those needs while implementing new skills in clinical practice.  ICAAP’s CME program aims to provide relevant education for pediatric care providers to develop, maintain, and improve the necessary competencies, skills, and professional performance needed to provide high quality care for children.  ICAAP establishes forums for the dissemination of information on current issues facing the specialty as a means for transmitting research and scholarly findings that affect the practice of pediatrics.  ICAAP seeks to provide quality education that is relevant, accessible, and effective in addressing gaps in learning related to pediatric practice. 

    As an accredited provider, ICAAP is required to retain activity files/records of CME activity planning and presentation during the current accreditation term or for the last twelve months. ICAAP strives toward the utmost transparency, and retains ALL CME activity files electronically on a secured network. Maintenance of this documentation enables ICAAP to meet the requirements for annual year-end reporting and reaccreditation review. ICAAP is accountable for any complaint about its CME activities, and must be able to respond accordingly with the correct documentation that is in question if necessary.

    Additionally, as an accredited provider of CME, ICAAP must have mechanisms in place to record and verify participation for six years from the date of the CME activity. To do so, ICAAP utilizes sign-in sheets, registration records, CME credit request forms, and its Learning Management System to record physician participation in CME activities.  These records are maintained in standardized spreadsheets based on CME activity type and are searchable by physician.  All physician participation is maintained in the CME activity files, and kept indefinitely. When verified by a participating physician, ICAAP’s CME Manager will search and extract these records from the participation spreadsheets and provide an education history (transcript) to the requesting physician.  

    Policy developed June 1, 2016

    Affirmed by ICAAP CME/QI Planning Committee January 23, 2017 

    ICAAP Privacy and Confidentiality Statement for CME/CE Internet Activities