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  • ICAAP Support & FAQ

    The purpose of this page is to provide users with self-help but please contact us if you still need additional assistance.

    ICAAP Office: 312.733.1026
    Or email Erin Moore at

  • New Account & Login Issues

    How do I create a new account?

    - Click the "Create Account" button at the top right of the screen
    - Under "Is this your first time here?" click the "Create new account button"
    - Fill out the fields (any with a red asterisk are required) and click "Create my new account"

    I created a new account but did not receive a confirmation email?

    - First check your junk / bulk email folder to see if the confirmation email went there instead of your regular email inbox
    - If you still do not have the confirmation email, try creating a new account as specified in the previous question above.
    - If you received a message that the email was already in use, then please email support to have your account confirmed manually.

    I forgot my username or password?

    - Click the Create Account button at the top right of the screen
    - Under "Log in" click on "Forgotten your username or password?" and it will take you directly to here.
    - There you can search by username or email address to have the requested information sent to your email address.

  • Issues While Logged In

    How can I change my password, email address, or other profile information?
    -Click on your name in the top right part of the screen, which will drop down a menu.
    -On the menu click on "Profile"
    -Under "User Details" click "edit profile"
    -Edit the desired information, then click the "Update profile" button at the bottom of the screen.

    What is the Course Catalog?
    -A list of courses you have not enrolled in yet but can either self-enroll or purchase-enroll.

    How do I Enroll into a Course?
    You can either self-enroll (a) or purchase-enroll (b).  If there is a number beside the course (##) then the course has a fee and you can purchase-enroll.

    A. Self-Enroll - for free courses
    -Click on the "Course Catalog" tab
    -Click the course name to enter the course.
    -Click the "Enroll me" button.

    B. Purchase-Enroll
    -Click on the "Course Catalog" tab
    -Click the course name to enter the course.
    -Click the "Send Payment via PayPal" button.
    -Complete the payment process and then return to the course.
    -Click the "Enter Course" link to begin the course.

    How do I use my discount code?
    -Click on your name in the upper right corner and select "Profile"
    -Click on "Edit Profile" 
    -At the bottom of the Edit Profile page, there is a section for discount codes. Enter your code for the corresponding course and save your profile.
    -Return to the course catalog and the course with your correct price will now be available.

    What is the Dashboard?
    - The Dashboard is a list of your currently enrolled courses that shows your status and overall grade for each course.

    How can I download my Course Certificate?
    - Enter the course in which you want to get a certificate.
    - Click on the "Certificates" section.
    - Your certificate will be linked next to this image

    How can I see a Report that shows all of my Activity Scores for a Course?
    - Enter the given course.
    - Find the "Administration" block on the left side of the screen.
    - Click to expand "Course Administration" in that block.
    - Click on the "Grades" link